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Don’t let your past stop you from talking to your child about underage drinking.

You don’t need a big speech to help a kid understand the dangers of underage drinking. Start small instead. Having a lot of small, causal talks—at the store, in the drive-thru, or between video games—can make a big difference in a kid’s health. 

It's never too early, or too late, to start the conversation.
Small Talks can even help you answer difficult questions. 

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Monitor & Secure

Taking precautions in your own home by monitoring, securing, and safely disposing of unused medications is an important piece of preventing youth substance misuse. 

When coupled with frequent and honest conversations about substance use, monitoring and securing your medications and alcohol is a proven strategy to help keep kids safe. 

Secure Your Alcohol and Medications

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Free to Calumet County Residents!

Safely Dispose Your Medications

REACH offers:

Free to Calumet County Residents!

Understand Why

Youth substance use isn’t a rite of passage. It’s not just curiosity or bad behavior, either. It is a community-wide challenge that affects families of all shapes and sizes. There are many reasons why children try substances, from peer pressure to unregulated marketing tactics. Kids may see it as a way to cope with trauma or difficulties in school, at home or in their community. No matter what, families aren’t to blame. But they can make a difference.

Know Warning Signs

Big changes like…


Signs of drinking like…

Get Help Now

The Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline

If you think your child is already drinking or struggling with substance use, don’t blame them or yourself. Focus on getting your family help instead. Find help from local resources, services, and support for children, adults, and families. It’s free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day.

Get involved with REACH  

Preventing substance use is a community effort. There are many ways that you can partner with us to take action.