Community Action for Healthy Living

is a non-profit 501c3 coalition, serving Northeast Wisconsin. Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles. 

We use community education, local and statewide policy, and our member's expertise to reduce the number of people harmed by substance use. CAHL partners with community organizations, educational institutions, businesses and law enforcement organizations to address tobacco, alcohol, and other substance related issues. 



Youth Prevention

Community Assessment

Drug Free Communities

CAHL, serves as the fiscal agent for the Drug Free Communities grant, but the DFC program is implemented in Calumet County.

REACH is Calumet County's substance misuse prevention coalition. REACH focuses on reducing alcohol, nicotine and other substance misuse to protect the health, safety and quality of life for all, especially children. The coalition is made up of Calumet residents representing 12 different sectors, with the shared goal of preventing youth substance abuse. REACH works together to reduce access to alcohol and other drugs as well as to increase people's understanding of the risks of substance abuse. The work is supported by a renewable, federally funded grant, with the goal to build a self-sustaining coalition of community members who will continue to work together to prevent youth alcohol and drug use long after the grant ends.

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A healthy future  for everyone is our goal - and we will continue until we get there.