School Resources

Find resources designed for schools to be properly equipped to address the growing vaping epidemic.

Previously, we were able to provide hard copies of these "packets" to schools. Now, please use these digital versions of the materials instead.  Click on the images below to view and download.

Start Here
Build knowledge of vaping in schools. 

a1. CAHL Prevention Partner Infographic 2019.pdf
a3 Tobacco Is Changing 2019.pdf
b2 e-cigarettes-schools.pdf

Know the Facts
See the latest data on youth tobacco use in WI. 

c3 YTS 2018 high school.pdf
c4 YTS middle school.pdf

Take Action
Find out what you need to do to address nicotine addiction and tobacco use at your school via model policy, equitable solutions and quit resources. 

b3 Model_Policy_for_Comprehensive_Tobacco-Free_Schools 2019.pdf
b4 PUPinSmoke_FINAL_2019.pdf

Youth Vaping Prevention Curriculum

Learn how Vaping: Know the truth, a free national youth vaping prevention curriculum, gives young people the facts about e-cigarette use and provides resources to quit.

Vaping_ Know the truth One Pager 5.31.22_0.pdf

Spread the Word
Be sure everyone in your students' lives knows the dangers of using

Get FREE posters for your school.

c1 OSH-E-Cigarettes-and-Youth-What-Parents-Need-to-Know-20190327-508.pdf
c2 OSH-E-Cigarettes-and-Youth-What-Educators-and-Coaches-Need-to-Know-2019

18" x 24" Poster

Quit Resources

Quit Vaping

Ditch JUUL Quit .pdf

PDF for printing

JPEG for online sharing