Some new laws are being suggested in Wisconsin to change the rules about where people can smoke cigars and pipes. They would weaken Wisconsin’s Smoke-free Air Law, which has been around for 14 years. Right now, the law says that only bars that made most of their money from selling cigars and pipes before 2009 can let people smoke inside. But the new rules might let more bars do that if they sell enough cigars and pipes.

These changes are bad for kids' health.

It's confusing.

After 14 years of smoke-free indoor air, re-allowing cigar and pipe smoke indoors is confusing. It sends the message that smoking is safe. Kids know it’s not.

It encourages youth use.

Cigars are the second most popular tobacco product among high school students. Re-allowing cigar and pipe use indoors lets kids know it’s okay to use cigars.

It's dangerous.

Tobacco products, including cigars and pipes, contain nicotine. Nicotine is addicting. Plus, the smoke from cigars and pipes contains cancer-causing substances, just like cigarettes.

We must prioritize the health and
well-being of our future generations.

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