July 12 & 13, 2022 | 8:00a - 4:00p

The goal of DITEP is to enable educational professional to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and/or alcohol impairment.  Attendees will learn about substances and associated paraphernalia.

The training will be held over two days at the Calumet County Sheriff's Department in Chilton, and is open to any Calumet County education professional, for free!

Is your campus actually tobacco-free?

As tobacco continues to change, so does our response to it. It is important for schools (administrators, teachers, staff and parents) to stay up-to-date on tobacco's latest trends. 

Today's tobacco products are designed to hide in plain sight.

Resources for Schools

Find resources designed for schools to be properly equipped to combat the growing vaping epidemic here

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Substance misuse remains a major issue in middle and high school. 

Data from Monitoring the Future study, as shown in the charts seen here, confirm this. Use the interactive charts to see information about different kinds of teen drug use. 

REACH has the tools, talent, and resources to help schools take an active stance against youth substance misuse. 

What can REACH do for your school?

Mock Bedroom Displays

Do you know common spots where kids hide drugs and alcohol? It may be where you least expect. Our mock bedroom display is designed for parents to identify spots where teens hide drugs, household items that can be a disguise for substances, and ways teens try to cover up substance use.

Our goal is to help adults know what to look for so they can spot warning signs early and get help fast. 

Educational Presentations

Let us come to you, in-person or virtually!  As experts in substance misuse prevention, REACH is capable of providing your school with a presentation tailored to your needs. 

We regularly present to teachers, administration, parents and students on topics ranging from signs and symptoms of substance use, to current trends among youth, and everything in between. 

School Environment Assessment

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we're here to help. 

We know schools have a lot to attend to on a day to day basis, and keeping up with the latest substance misuse information, prevention and best practices can be next to impossible. As your local experts, REACH is able to help assess your current environment and action plan to make meaningful change at your school. 

Contact us to get started.